Welcome, to stewardship season, 2019! This year, we are digging deeper in to what kind of giver we all are. Are you a Red, Blue, Yellow or Green giver? Find out below by reading the descriptions of those giver type, pick the one closest to you, and watch the video! We want everyone to dig in and think about who we are as givers, and as members of Christ Church! Once you’ve had a chance to discover your color, be sure to watch Fr Terry’s video, The Bottom Line. Stewardship season wraps up on November 10th, so jump in and pick your color!

GREEN - The Grateful Altruist

Meet Jojo and Reese. Recently over coffee, their rector asked them their thoughts on financial giving. Jojo, didn’t require much “think time.” With apparent ease, he shared that, for him, giving to the church comes easily because he sees it as doing good. Less a sacrifice, it’s more just a part of who he is. Reese added easily that wrestling with the notion of contributing financially has never been a challenge: “It’s all God’s anyway.  Giving is a way I can bless people and show God how thankful I am for all He’s given me. It’s really pretty simple.”

Jojo and Reese see themselves as helpers, agents for others.  They are largely selfless and generous, with hearts to help.  They espouse mantras like, “sharing the wealth”, “paying it forward”, and “giving back.” Are you like Jojo and Reese? They are Grateful Altruists.

RED - The Ardent Apostle

Anna and Juan feel good when they are towing the line for Jesus. They have figured out their giving strategy and know what they are going to pledge for a given year long before the campaign begins. Giving , for them, is a habit ingrained by a sense of duty around obedience. Also inherent in them is the true desire to align and identify themselves as followers of Jesus. If giving achieves this, they give. Anna and Juan understand sacrifice; “sow now, reap later” is a phrase that resonates with them.

Anna and Juan are loyal to the church and Christ. They are encouraged by covering their bases and waiting (sowing/rusting) to “reap” later. They work hard and take pride in their contribution. Anna and John sound a lot like ardent apostles.  Are you an Ardent Apostle, too?

Blue - The Enthusiastic Joiner 

The Marias and Wills of the world are usually pretty easy to spot! If good causes had cheerleaders, Maria and Will would co-lead the squad every time. Optimistic, forward-leaning and enthusiastic about giving, these two love a good cause and can be counted on to invest in, and propel them. Perhaps most meaningful to them when they join a stewardship giving effort is the satisfaction they feel when they see and hear about the impact they are helping make. They want to make the world a better place, and dollars-to-church is a great place to start.

Maria and Will value feeling  part of the Church body; participants. The social aspect around giving blesses them. They value knowing they are “moving the needle” through their giving. They are doing their parts!  Does the description of Maria and Will resonate with you?  Maria and Will are Enthusiastic Joiners.

Yellow - The Analytical thinker

Zetti  and Paul have a lot in common. Each is a fixture at church on Sundays. They attend Bible studies regularly and volunteer: meals to the sick of the parish, rides to church on Sunday, ushering. They are plugged in in obvious ways. And, as true as their dedication to church is, when it comes financial stewardship, each experiences a degree of hesitancy every Fall when the subject comes up. For Zetti; a tension. For Paul; an noticeable inkling of dread. Zetti is analytical, deliberate and cautious when it comes to finances, and, truth be told, sometimes doesn’t fully understand where all the money goes and whether or not it’s making a difference anywhere. Paul grapples with giving out of a sense of guilt or fear, of falling out with God. 

Zetti and Paul care. They are not fickle about their faith, but they can be less-than-enthusiastic about their giving. They appreciate the need for stewardship dollars for the Church. Still, neither will ever likely be the first to turn in their pledge card with an increase. It’s complicated! 

Do you justify not giving more to the church by citing a greater need for the  money, for yourself? Family? Are you unsure about the finer points of stewardship, therefore you hold back?  Zetti and Paul are Analytical Thinkers. You may be one, too.

The Bottom Line