Jesus said we are to be in the world but not of the world. There is a tension between the two, which calls for balance and insight. We are called as God-bearers to embrace the world with its joys and sufferings, with its trials and triumphs. We are called to enter into the darkness of others and bring mercy, relief and hope. We are also to enter into the elation of others who are triumphant to bring them perspective, clarity and truth. All the while we are to be different… living by different values. So when we are personally in the darkness of despair, we are not overcome, because we have hope living in us. Equally, when we personally are basking in the glow of success or elation, we are not seduced by the illusion of it all. We live this way so that we can consistently point others to the truth, hope and grace of Jesus who was in the world but not of it. So how do we at Christ Church live in this way?

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We are committed to the relief of the suffering and disenfranchised of the world. We have partnered with several local, national and international organizations which focus upon the relief of the suffering and disenfranchised. We support them through monetary donations and active participation in their ministries. We believe a collaborative approach with highly effective organizations will enable us to be involved in effective, efficient and substantive ministry in our local community and the world.

  • Blessing Box 

The Blessing Box is a standing wooden pantry in the Commons. It is stocked with non-perishable food, hygiene items, and clothing for our ministry partners and anyone in need in the Christ Church community.

Contact:   Betty Riddell or Brice Davis

  • Donate items on a regular basis to the Blessing Box

  • Deliver donated items to our ministry partners

  • Help manage donations and maintain the Blessing Box

  • King Soopers Card Program

Every time you use a Christ Church King Soopers card, Outreach gets 5% of the total. The funds raised through this program are used to provide grants to members of Christ Church and our ministry partners.

Contact:    Ron Fish

  • Participate in the King Soopers card program. Cards available at the Welcome Desk.

  • Promote and help manage the King Soopers card program.


We are committed to reaching beyond ourselves to help the world. Therefore, we believe that short-term mission trips with our ministry partners and other organizations bring a benefit to those who participate in a mission trip and those who are served. Transformation is a two-way street. We expect that those who participate in missions will be changed in direct proportion to the help they give others. Our goal is to establish consistent relationships with our mission partners over long periods of time in order to have sustainable and substantive impact in the world.

Missions is a new committee that is part of Embracing the World. Do you feel called to shape mission purpose and practice at Christ Church? 

Contact:   Christi James

Current missions:

  • El Hogar Service Trip to Honduras - Summer Months




We believe good works for the benefit of others are not complete without a witness to and proclamation of the grace of God found in salvation through Jesus Christ. We are committed to linking our work with proclamation. It is of great importance to feed the hungry, but we must also address the spiritual need of all people to know that they are loved and adored by God and that mercy, forgiveness, salvation and new life is found in and through Jesus Christ. Therefore we are actively equipping and empowering our people to be articulate and sensitive heralds of the Gospel.

Evangelism is a new committee that is part of Embracing the World. Do you feel called to shape how we are equipped and engage in evangelism at Christ Church?

Contact:   Christi James

Current evangelism effort: 

  • Set Free Prison Ministries