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The Gathering: A Time of Healing, Letting Go and Being Released & Blessed

On Saturday, February 16th, and Sunday, February 17th, 2019, Christ Church undertook the massive effort of The Gathering. The Gathering was a time of deep healing and release for the people of Christ Church. We invited back to Christ Church those folks from our past to whom we needed to make amends, ask their forgiveness and seek their blessing. Those who attended were Bishop Rob O'Neill, Sandy and Gigi Greene, Tom Danitschek, Doug Gray, Catherine and John Groton, Amy Saxbury, Christina Prince, Gina Berry, Kim Moon, and Alice Latta. We had over 170 people participate in our Saturday programming where Rev. Russ Parker, our facilitator, led us through a series of teachings and small group work on the nature and activity of forgiveness. Sunday was the culmination of the weekend with over 300 people attending worship.



Session 1

Reconciliation: The Journey we all must make.

Forgiveness and Apology

Session 2

Session 3

Healing Crucial Relationships

Christ Church, What is Our Apology and Confession?

Session 4

Session 5

Our Time of Confession, Seeking Forgiveness and Blessing


Bishops Address

Bishop Rob O’Neill’s address to the people of Christ Church on Sunday.

Russ’s teaching session from the service on Sunday.

Russ’s Teaching


Photos From the Weekend