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Alisa Keeton is the guest speaker for the 2019 Women’s Retreat. She is the CEO and founder of Revelation Wellness, a nonprofit ministry dedicated to educating and inspiring people to live healthy and whole lives in Christ. She believes the Gospel is a message of wholeness and wholeness has less to do with the size of your pants than it does the weight of your heart. She puts God’s word into practice and teaches others how to do the same.  

Come to this retreat to:

  • Be raised up emotionally, spiritually and physically 

  • Honor your body, soul and heart

  • Overcome obstacles that may hinder your relationship with the Lord

This is not about the best workout plan. We all have “weight” to lose, physical and spiritual, and Jesus is the best personal trainer to help us lose what weighs us down.  As image bearers of a holy and whole God, we are all leaders of someone or something, even if simply our own life.

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