People go to church and give money. We decided to do just the opposite. We gave money to you to give away and to tell about it. Everyone received an envelope. The envelopes contained cash. The cash was to give away. You CHOOSE how.


Once you’ve given God’s money away, tell your story.

Below there’s a box for your story. Type your experience. Click the Submit button. You have transformed the work of the Holy Spirit.. 


Your story is worth more than the money. Your story is your witness to God’s love for you, and not you alone. So witness.

  • How is God using you?

  • How were you moved by the opportunity?

  • How did you connect?

  • Who did you connect to?

  • Were you scared?

  • How do you feel now?

  • Where is your heart?

Your name and contact information are not required. We want to continue the conversation. So, if you feel comfortable sharing, please do. We plan to talk more about how we can continue to grow God's mission. 

Stories will be shared online. We will share stories without names, unless you add your name at the end of your story in the story box.

Tell THE story. Share your Generosity.

Please share your story with us.