The Four Pillars of Christian Life

“Faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love” Paul understood that the disposition of our hearts determines the value of our gifts.  The 4 Spiritual Pillars are about the disposition of our hearts and the surrender of our hearts to God. These four lessons explore the Benedictine vows of Stability, Obedience, Conversion of Life and Hospitality as the keys to surrendered hearts to God.


Lesson 1: Stability

In this world of changes and chances where the next best thing drives us into instability and an insatiable appetite for fulfillment, we are led into a life of perpetual restlessness.  Cultivating a heart of stability is the key to being present, with ourselves, the other and God. Explore through this lesson the art of being present.


Lesson 2: Obedience

It is impossible to have an obedient heart without a stable heart.  Stability is being present enough with ourselves, the other and God that we can hear the whisper of the Holy Spirit prompting us to obedience. This lesson delves into the deep waters of the heart obedient to God.


Lesson 3: Conversion of Life

Conversion of life is the result of a stable and obedient heart. We cannot be changed from the inside out if we have restless and rebellious hearts. Conversion of life is the result of surrendered, stable and obedient hearts. This lesson opens us up to the possibilities of a new life in Christ through a new heart.


Lesson 4: Hospitality

Henri Nouwen wrote “Hospitality is the space which we create around ourselves where the stranger can enter in, be themselves and discover who they are”. Disciples who have surrendered their hearts to God through stability and obedience, and have experienced the conversion of life, will be a people of true and authentic hospitality.  Enjoy this lesson and come to understand the true meaning of Christian Hospitality.