The Seven Spiritual Disciplines

Every action begins with a thought. Our minds are constantly reacting and responding to stimuli and inputs. Some actions are well thought out and others not so much. What if we could train our minds to quiet down and listen for God? What if we could submit our thoughts and therefore our actions more fully to the will and desire of God? Well, we can through the 7 Spiritual Disciplines. 

Explore the compelling six teachings on the 7 Spiritual Disciplines. We encourage you to listen to the audio file or read the text and then spend time in a small group discussing the questions or in personal reflection.



Imagine yourself in a one-room house with 7 windows lining the walls of the room. Outside you can see the Spirit of God swirling about with one objective, to get to you, to be with you. But the windows are all closed. To give God access to our lives, we have to open the windows so he can come rushing in as he did on Pentecost.  Listen to this lesson to discover what the 7 Spiritual Disciplines are and how we open them like windows to give God access to our lives.



Prayer is the first and primary of the 7 Spiritual Disciplines.  Explore through this lesson how prayer is the key to our faith and relationship with God.



Worship of the Living God is job number one for the people of God. Worship is our highest calling and has the power to draw us into deeper discipleship. Through this lesson you will discover the heart of worship.



The Bible is the Word of God. If you want to hear the voice of God, if you want to know what God thinks, if you want to know God’s heart, you will discover God’s desire for humanity in the scriptures. Through this lesson you will discover the power and purpose of God’s Word.


Community & Ministry

Christianity is not a solo sport. It is a team sport. To be a disciple of Jesus is to be in community. Discover through this important lesson the value and power of Christian community.

By virtue of being a Christian, we are all called into a life of ministry. Ministry is a spiritual discipline, which changes us as we serve God’s people and His Church. This lesson explores the difference between ministry and service and the eternal value of ministry.


Service & Proclamation

Jesus calls us to serve the world. Offering ourselves in service to this broken and hurting world is a discipline that will demand great things of us and will in return change us. This lesson challenges us to give of ourselves in service to a hurting world.

Service with out proclamation robs Jesus of His rightful glory. Come to a deeper understanding of how proclamation goes hand in hand with the discipline of service and ministry.